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Default Re: Tomlin and Ben are killing the franchise

Originally Posted by SteelerJay View Post
ok, so Ben is a 100 million dollar qb in this league, with the likes of Peyton and Eli, Brady, Rivers etc.

new crop of qb's in the league - Newton, Griffin, Luck, Wilson, Tannehill etc... - all looking great

Ben should be in his prime all now...... is he?

He was looking pretty good until the injury so yeah..I'd say he's in his prime. Look, there's no use crying over spilled milk. He sucked after he returned from injury. We missed the playoffs because of him. Fine. But it's over now. Move on to next year. To say he's "killing the franchise" is just silly. Would you rather have Flacco, Cutler, or one of those other middle-of-the-road guys? I wouldn't. And yeah Luck, Wilson, and RG3 look good now (Newton and Tannehill don't) but let's see how many Super Bowls they get their team to over the next decade before we "crown their asses"
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