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Default Re: Tomlin and Ben are killing the franchise

Originally Posted by LayingTheWoodley56 View Post
This is the second idiotic thing I've seen from you. Ben actually carried us through portions of the season and was playing at an extremely high level - perhaps the highest of his career - before his injury. People conveniently have forgotten that he may not have been fully healthy when he came back, and he still made some big plays. The disasterous interceptions and lack of late-game heroics do need to be cleaned up.

We're lucky to have him. Still.
Hey, he's definitely the best we've had since Terry...but you made my point - he's having an MVP-type season, gets hurt, and both he and Tomlin figures he still gives the Steelers the best chance to win, regardless that the facts proved otherwise. Here's the deal...he's hurt, he cannot play up to the winning level BUT he's left in. Then when the season goes up in flames, all you brainiacs claim that's because he's hurt.

Tomlin and Ben have done this repeatedly...O'Donnell buried in our history for two boneheaded picks in SB; Ben's two picks this year in two games are no different
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