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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

Mike Tomlin isn't the problem; the problem lies with the players!! It starts with Big Ben, no, he isn't the only problem, but he is a problem. It's time people wake up and smell the roses; this guy wants to throw the football 60 times a game. If he can't, he complains, and his play on the field has revealed it this year. No, he isn't the only player that under-performed this year, but it starts with him. He constantly talks about being a leader, well its time he shows it. He doesn't have to like Todd Haley's system, but be a professional, study and perfect it. If it fails, then Haley is to blame. This guy thinks everything has to be about him, it's about the team, not number 7.

Mike Tomlin is to blame as well; he needs to stop being a friend and more of a coach and game manager during the game. I get so sick of this guy walking around as though he is in Wonderland, then if the team loses, he goes into his press conferences like he is pissed the (BLEEP) off, are you kidding me? He definitely deserves most of the blame, he is the Head Coach. However, he will not be fired people, the Steelers never panick; and lets not forget those three consecutive sub-par seasons Bill Cowher had as well.

LaMarr Woodley? Get your Fat A$$ in shape already, can you do that? Every since he signed that fat signing bonus, he can't stay in shape.

Ziggy Hood? This has got to be his last year, if he doesn't get it next year, cut ties with him. The same can be said for Cameron Heyward. Two former 1st round draft picks that have done absolutely nothing!
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