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Default Re: If Not Tomlin then who?

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
Here's the list of candidates I'd talk to:

Bill Cowher
Ken Whizenhunt
Dick Lebeau
Vic Fangio
Tom Clements
Keith Butler

I think every single one of these guys is more qualified to be a HC then Mike Tomlin... obviously the Rooney's don't look for experience..they look for personality. So not sure who else out there has that edge the Rooney's like..but I have to think there are plenty of candidates out there. That said, I wouldn't fire Tomlin this off season if I were the GM. I'd have a serious sit down with MIke... I'd make sure he realizes he needs to step it up...and I'd make sure he knows next year is do or die.

Huh! No Way, No How!!!!!! Forget about Cowher, get over him already, move on with your life dude. Ken Whizenhunt won with Dennis Green Players; he will always be a sufficient OC, never a good H.C. The only guy on that list I would even consisder would be Tom Clements, the Defensive Coordinator for the 49ers, if that is who I think it is.
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