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Default Re: TWO 1st Rd picks

I'm very unhappy about the way our entire team played this year; as a whole; but you say "only 5 to 7 teams would want the combo of BB/Tomlin"? There are only 3 teams that have went to the SB TWICE in the past few years; The steelers, the giants, and the patriots. There are teams that had great records that lost before they made it to the SB. The Pats went twice, and lost twice. They were undefeated going into the SB one year. It makes no difference how many games you win, if you don't get the big one. Brady has lost twice in a row; should NE send him and Bill packing?

Teams fight hard every year for one goal, and one goal only; to win the SB. Many GREAT players never even made it to the show, but BB has helped get our team there 3 times, and won 2 on them. As I said; I too am a spoiled steeler fan, who wants at least a 12 win season every year; but it just doesn't happen sometimes. We've got work to do; Serious work!! But I too, think Ben and the boys will get us back to the SB, and win it. Maybe this is what our team needed to shake them up. I hope so.

I wonder how Bills fans must have felt; they had some great teams, that just seemed to come apart in the SB games, but the fans stayed true to them, and I'm not denying that we need some changes, but I'll still take Ben as a QB that can lead a SB winning squad. He just has to revert back to some of his earlier ways.
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