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Default Re: Is wrong That I hate the Cheats more than the Rats

Hate the Patriots cause they are the poster team, QB, and coach of Goddell's NFL. I am not a believer in most conspiracy theories, but the video (that lent no advantage but was filmed for several years for no reason at all), the fact that his former assistant coach turned him in (once again not a big deal ,so why turn him in), the first SB won after 9/11 by the PATRIOTS, The fact they won three SBs by a FG each where if there was even the slightest advantage in filming could of made a difference. Hines Ward post game (before it was even know about video) "its like they knew what we were running".The fact they beat us out of 1 maybe 2 trips to the SB. The "special " rules for their QB, and the fact that the video was destroyed and never made public, sure seems like a Tom Clancy novel to me.

PS I hate the Ravens like the plague, and the Patriots like plague carriers.
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