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Originally Posted by PantherFan23 View Post
Are you people shitting me?

You want to fire, technically, the most successful head coach, in NFL history? lol. You don't do to two superbowls, and win one without good coaching. If you don't believe me, look at the Chargers, Cowboys,etc. Great teams, bad coaching. Bill Cowher had a couple awful seasons too, you know. Mike Tomlin isn't going anywhere, and if he was fired, 25 teams would dump their coaches to get him, and rightly so.
Also, to address the AA hire crap. How many coaches get HC gigs, without ever coaching before? Uhh if that was the standard, you would have no coaches in 1 years. And I have to words for you. DENNIS ALLEN. You guys are spoiled brats. I hope Tomlin quits. You are slowly becoming Eagle fans.
Not all of us, but I suspect some of these posters are really trolls just trying to muddy things up.
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