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Default Re: Seriously, Tomlin? Why even play Ben...

Originally Posted by OakmontMan View Post
There are too many that take sports more seriously than planning for their future and paying attention to the important things in life. It's a great distraction but should be only that. Kills me that Tebow gets demonized and Ben is all forgiven. Steelers deserve better.
Tebow gets demonized? I think you should try to play your "Delusions of Persecution" card elsewhere.

Tebow is the most popular guy in the media right now for doing....NOTHING. I have never seen a backup QB with the worst completion percentage in NFL history get so much attention for racking up a few wins against sub-par competition and doing some spotty commercials for God.

Everyone thinks Tebow is such a great guy-- but me personally? I think he toots his own horn far too much to exemplify the humble demeanor he advertises himself as having. Polamalu is a better example of how a Chsristian is supposed to live their life-- he does not have to use religion to make a spectacle out of himself.

Tebow is like any other celebrity-- egotistical and addicted to his own image. That's why he never pushed harder for playing time with the Jets- he knew is legendary status would be ddebunked if he had to start for a team that had no supporting cast to make up for his terrible play, like he had in Denver. He'd rather build the mysticism after-the-fact, of "how good could the Jets have been if they had started Timmy Tryhard", than to have actually been given the keys to that dumpster fire and been proven a fraud instead of "he just wins".

Look for the Tebow circus to join ranks with the Khan circus next year in Jacksonville (or whererever the Jaguars end up calling home).
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