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Default Re: Seriously, Tomlin? Why even play Ben...

If Ben is cleared, he plays. If I were him, you'd better freakin believe I'd be out on the field. Not even Tomlin would stop me… he'd have to make me inactive. If Ben felt it is better to not play and watch a loss from the sideline (hell we could lose with him in the game) then he shouldn't be leading the offense.

Cripes, I hear people talk about being flat and not having fire. This is what you signed up for as an athlete in the NFL. There should be nothing short of an injury keeping you off the field, unless you are playing the following week and a win doesn't help you THIS season. You are at home, it is a division game it's the last one you'll have for a while. Nail it and remind the stains who they really are, otherwise we are the new freakin stains of the afc north. If that doesn't make you want to play to win, go the hell back home and watch like the rest of us.
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