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Default Re: Is wrong That I hate the Cheats more than the Rats

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
It's perfectly natural to become bitter and cynical and hateful after over a decade of having to watch Tom Brady shred your vaunted defense like nothing.
Does not change the fact that Brady(Precious) is smug SOB and, has not won crap since they stopped cheating. Oh let's see I remember last years game where your darling cheats lost in Pittsburgh. Yes I'm a hater of the pats and Precious and, if you think the Cheats are America's team you are dreaming. I don't see Pats fan take over away games like the steelers fans do. Not to mention when was the last hard schedule that your team had? Brady has the tuck rule, the no hitting Brady rule and, he he cries to the refs when someone gets in his grill.
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