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Default Re: Steelers Pro Bowlers

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
He took a 3 win team to the playoffs as a rookie, with a new head coach and new OC...that alone makes him worthy. I understand he is not better than BR7 or a few others, yet.

Should Ben be a Pro Bowler for leading a playoff team to 7 or 8 wins? ( understand, i am a BR7 fan, but he is not worthy this year)
Have you ever sat down and watched him play? I mean, sat down and looked at his snaps, game decisions, managing a game, etc. If you have, you can't honestly sit there and tell me he deserves to be in the Pro Bowl - as big a farce as it is. How many times did Hilton and Wayne have to make circus catches in order to keep a drive alive? How many times did he have a good game and then follow it up with a truly horrendous effort? He looked and played like a rookie in most of their wins and all of their losses. Go back and look at the Patriots game - a team with a truly mediocre defense - and tell me that's a Pro Bowl worthy player this year.

I'm not saying he never will be, but he definitely wasn't this year. They went by stats and hype with this kid - not by what the film shows. One and done in the playoffs.
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