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Default Re: Seriously, Tomlin? Why even play Ben...

Originally Posted by Buddha Bus View Post
It's not like we have a young backup QB we need to take a look at.

Ben is cleared to play and the last thing we need is to bench him after he blew 2 consecutive games with horrible interceptions. Do we really want him going into the offseason stewing on that? It could eat away at him all offseason and shake his confidence knowing that he helped cost us a playoff spot.

I'd much rather give him the ball again and give him a chance to redeem himself in the last game of the season against a division rival. Give him a chance to go out on a high note and get his confidence back.
How can a QB redeem himself when he has led his team to 2 superbowl wins with three app. Countless playoff games, coaching changes, numerous go to WR changes and he still needs redeeming? I wish Ben the best in the upcoming game along with our team. Ben is in a rough place and he knows it and doing his best be a leader good times or bad. These calls from the sideline of run, run, throw a slant out route is not going to cut it. This is not Pop Warner coaches please .... just want us to walk off the field no injuries.
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