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Default Re: TWO 1st Rd picks

Yes! I do mean his old ways; the ways in which he played a structured game at QB, but broke the pocket when protection broke down, and he gave the opposing D's fits. If he will again combine those two attributes; he'll be a terror again. So you may not want him to revert back to his "old" ways, but those "old" ways helped bring the Lombardi back to Pittburgh twice more.

Granted; for some reason Ben doesn't play his best in the SB, but he dang sure was, and will be, instrumental in getting us there. We praise these new rookie QB's this year, and rightfully so; they've had a stellar year; but it remains to be seen what follows. RGIII can't keep taking the hits he's taken this year, and Luck will not always come thru with those last minute victories game after game.

You take away just the 3 last minute victories the colts had, and they're right there with us. You win just 2 or 3 of those 3 point losses for us, and we're in, and someone else is out. I'll take Ben Rothlisburger any day of the week. He and all the other team members, and coaches just have to get back to the basics again. Ben WILL provide more winning moments for this franchise. You can count on it.
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