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Default Re: Cleveland Browns will start 3rd string QB Thad Lewis

Easily I think.

The Browns are playing for pride against a team they hate. The Steelers, are just, well . . . . kinda' playing as of late....

And I will add my layman's ananlysis:

Our so called offense, that should be putting up 30 points a game easy is barely breaking into the twenties. The most notable feature of the offense dropped balls, interceptions, and fumbles in the closing minutes of the game. It does not get any worse than that. Couple that fact with our oddly rated number one D that also gives up most of it's points and falls apart in the fourth quarter and we get the perfect situation for the Browns and a loss. Yes, it is that bad for the Steelers right now.

If the Browns can win the turnover battle, which is not that hard, and can keep it close up until the 4th quarter they can win, and easily.

I am not sick of this team losing, I am sick of them losing in the manner they do. Going out and losing with a solid effort is acceptable. Losing week after week the way they have is not. This team deserves whatever comes to them today. If they play hard and win, they will have earned a victory. A pointless one, but a "W" non-the-less. If they lose, they earned that to. If they lose by a fluke, that would be par for the Steelers this year.

All that talent, a #1 D, and a top 5 stat QB all gone to waste. Next season can't come quick enough.

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How do we lose this game?
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