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Default All these ditch Ben threads

What is wrong with you people! This kid is the best QB we've had since Bradshaw and you even b*tched and moaned about him even though he helped to win 4 Super Bowls. How 'bout some complaining about Wallace not being able to catch suddenly. Was never anything better than the "One Trick Pony" tag that Tomlin gave him. How about all of the injuries this team has endured. How about Haley's horrible play calling. How about our "35 yard a pop" punter. All you "fans" will be right back on the bandwagon when Ben gets us back to the play-offs. I'm p*ssed about this season too. But Ben is one of the last guys who should be getting the blame for this mess. Until he got hurt he was an MVP candidate. He's our guy. He got us two new trophies. Cut him some slack.
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