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Default Re: An Argument for Tebow to join our beloved Steelers

We're missing the whole boat, we cannot "afford>" a Tebow (believe it or not). or a Vick, or any ... other so-called "star" QB !

Nope, we need to sadly let go of Batch, Leftwich,..., and some other players, and bring in a new fresh "QB in the making".
Ben is gonna get seriously hurt, yet again, and again, and we need his future "REPLACEMENT", here and now,. We also need Ben to nuture/mentor him eventually too..

For example, an Alex Smith type ?, I dunno?, or atleast some kinda young "diamond in the rough" - so to speak.
Haley has to be given the reigns to shake this "Offense" up like a dirty dog. If not, then Tomlin will deserve what he gets - namely being a greedy powder-puff HC who just couldn't call up his guts when he should have. !

And if it ever comes to that point, ?, and I hope not, then history will reveal that Mike Tomlin got his "1" SB win, by riding on a PRE-BUILT SuperBowl Steelers' team. (namely, our LeBeau-built vaunted DEFENSE). !!!

It's gonna be as simple as that.

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