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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Those QB's don't spit in the face of their systems just because they want to do things "their" way either.
That's because those QBs don't get playbooks rammed down their throats. Their organizations actually play to their strengths instead of just waiting for 3rd and long or the last two minutes of a game.

Either Ben gets on board with Haley, or we're going to see more seasons like this. I'm not harping on the blame on Haley for this season, he had the offense going until people (Mike Wallace especially) kept crying for more Arians Ball. We got more Arians Ball alright, and Ben got his shoulder fried.
How about Artie gets with the times and realizes Marty ball isn't working. I'd rather they let him win the game early so the last 2 minutes are meaningless.

I didn't realize all the failed RUTMs were Ben's fault? How about that nice end-around that resulted in Brown getting dropped right outside his own endzone? Was that Ben's fault too?

The Steelers pulling that kind of shit on offense is the reason Ben isn't going to be able to bail them out all the time.
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