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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

I will say this trying to compare Ben to Peyton or Brady is not a fair comparison. Why you may ask? Simple, those two are not only the best right now they are in all likely hood two of the very best that ever played. Brady has more SBs than Peyton but had more of a defense during those SB winning years. To be fair Peytons only SB came the year Bob Sanders played and the defense played very well during their playoff run. Brees on the other hand is a stat machine, and while his defense did not rank high their lone SB they were more than opportunistic in creating turnovers, they lived on the defensive turnover that year.

Ben does not have to be Peyton or Brady (no one else is close right now), I hope he is not like Brees (were all the cap is spent on the offensive side of the ball thus weakening the defense) I want Ben to be allowed more freedom to play. After watching todays play calling I do not see how anyone can agree with Haleys current system. First two series for example. 1st play Pass for 8 yds, 2nd dive for 1, 3rd another dive for 0, punt. Second series run for 8, 2nd run for 1, and 3rd Ben nearly throws an INT after the edge rusher was nearly in his lap before he finished his dropback. I will even throw in the 3rd series, 1st play a 43 yd pass that is called back for holding, pass for 8, 2nd down a WTF play that lost 13 on an end around, 3rd down 12 yards and another punt. So on the first three series Ben is allowed to pass 3 times, 4 if you count the one called back and ran for 6 times and no first downs.
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