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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

For those wanting Ben to be a Peyton , Brady, Brees, or a Rodgers, not going to happen. While I believe Ben is good for the Steelers, QBs like those do not come along every draft. I am sorry if that means he sucks in some of your estimation. But Bens career numbers are as good as nearly any so-called elite QB in his first 9 years. I have already pulled up his numbers against Elway. I am sure that with only a few exceptions his numbers will be in line with nearly any QB. I know a lot of you are bitter, but just because you QB cannot pull out every close win does not make him a bad QB. I read that Ben gets too much credit, maybe so, but I have never thought he won games on his own, just that I felt he gave us the best chance to win. He deserves a fair share of the blame for this year, but I would like to remind everyone that he did have a lot to do with 2 SBs, whether it was the game its self, the playoff games preceding, or the season in general.
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