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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Manning goes to Denver his first year and has the Broncos staring at the #1 Seed in the playoffs.

Tom Brady literally has no Offensive Coordinator. He's back in the postseason.

Drew Brees has the Saints Offense balling without their Head coach. The problem is the Defense sucks. How good would the Saints be if they had the Steelers Defense?

Aaron Rodgers has the Packers back in the playoffs.

"Elite" Ben Roethlisberger has a top-line Defense and he can't do better than an 8-8 season. How Elite is this guy honestly? He's had top line defenses to back him up his entire career. If the Steelers Defense can step up their game after struggling, how come our QB can't do likewise for the Offense? Rather the Offense DID improve, but Ben just couldn't say yes to a good thing and threw the season away.

This is the second season in a row he's thrown away trying to be bigger than the team.
A "top line" defense that can't generate a turnover to save its life and has given up one critical 3rd down conversion after another for at least the last two seasons. How many turnovers, and in turn short fields has the Steelers defense given the offense the last two years? Not as many as all the "elite" QBs have gotten, that I can guarantee. Throw in shitty STs and you get an average starting position around your own ten yard line series after series, week after week. Throw in an acute and contagious case of fumblitis to boot and you get a season like this one.
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