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Default Re: All these ditch Ben threads

I can feel I'm on a roll. In fact, after this post I declare victory. Sorry dumb yinzers!

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post

I am really loving the balanced NE offense I am watching. Brady and Manning's offenses have both put up 21 first half points for their teams. Lots of great execution on short passes and runs. Their hard work and attention to detail really shows. Clearly Manning and Brady have bought into their systems.

I wonder why Brady hasn't complained though? Clearly he shows the ability to be successful from the shotgun. I think he should complain to the media that there is not enough hurry-up.
Because those QBs don't get play books rammed down their throats. Their owners aren't enamored with outdated football. They play to the strengths of their QBs. They emphasize scoring, while the Steelers just emphasize possession until the last two minutes. Pretty easy to buy into a system when it's built to your strength and not want a small-minded owner wants.

There is no way that a qb as accomplished as Brady should be relegated to throwing screens to Woodhead, and garbage passes over the middle to Welker.

It blows my mind that he isn't speaking out to sports journalists week in and week out.
They actually aren't predictable, and they take shots down field more often than the Steelers.

Buddy, we get it. You're dumb. It's obvious my reasoning has prevailed and you're just in it to bash Ben. I understand you want to go back to 90's losing football because that's the style yinzers like you want - but it simply doesn't work.

In fact, I'll go a step further and say Brady and Manning would do worse in this offense than Ben ever would. The Steelers don't use no-huddle often because they are too worried about time of possession, and after failed RUTM and bubble screens on first and second downs, the QB would have to be mobile to bail the team out on 3rd and long most of the time. If Brady or Manning is your QB in that offense, start making funeral preparations.

I've already declared victory, but I'll keep posting anyways since reason always prevails!
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