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Default Re: Will James Harrison Be Back In 2013?

I will answer the question but I'm reading people say that it's a "waste" of money for these guys and someone threw Woodley in there too. Did we just finsih with the #1 ranked defense in the NFL? We had a chance to finish with the #1 rush adn pass Defense. That just doesn't happen out of nowhere. I mean, Harrison and Troy were hurt quite a bit this year but they are still VERY good players. Woodley usually turns it on in the 2nd half of the season, that didn't happen this year so he is the guy I'm most dissappointed in but they still had a very good Defense this year so c'mon with the "wasted" talk.

Having said that, I hope Harrison knows who he is now. Meaning, he is not worth that money. He is still the best OLB on our team but not a Top 5 OLB in the league. Troy IMO is different. I think he just needs to get 100% healthy. They do need to draft for the future at Safety, unless they REALLY like Golden. However; both need to resructure or 1 has to go. And that's probably Harrison. It will be another tough off season in regards to losing another group of core vets. Hampton, Harrison, Foote and Starks are prpbably gone. Sucks but true.
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