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Default Next Year

Your thoughts on next year. None of this get rid of Tomlin, Ben , Haley, Lebeau stuff. I am here to tell you none of that is happening unless the ones mention decide to leave on their own. I wil start.

First RB, I for one am willing to resign Mendenhall, IF, he can be signed at a fair price. Dwyer needs to be told in no uncertain terms to show up in playing shape, he has been in the league now for what 3 years and he has been woefully out of shape every season opener. Redman is OK for backup , but I would love to sign one Rookie that the Steelers see some promise in. I love Raineys potential but just do not know if he is being utilized. His size has proved to be an issue this year.

Second WR, I am in the minority but I think you let Plax go, sorry would of loved to have had him in his prime but 36 year old (next year Aug) is a little old to be playing a young mans position. Brown, Crotch, signed and back. Wallace, oh what to do? Sign him if possible, but do not break the bank. If he agrees to a deal I think he can put this season behind him. Would love to find a serviceable wideout in the draft, easier said than done.

TE, gonna need somebody to fill in for Heath until he is healed. Might be time to draft or find a free agent. Pope will do for now, Paulson not so much.

OL, honestly I just think this unit needs to stay healthy for a little while and they could become a good group. I do not know who has replaced Kugler but all I can hope is they do a good job.

Ben , he will be back and I expect a great season, IMO Batch and Lefty need to go. We need a young guy who can learn and play without breaking down on the first big hit. Lot of experience but I for one would rather go younger especially if its someone who has some promise.

DL Hampton was the anchor of this great defense, along with Smith for years, but it is time to go, Coaches have talked up McClendon for some time, lets see what he can do. Kiesel needs another chance to show what he can do. Heyward and Ziggy will both be back, but would love some new blood in this lineup.

LBers Woodley had a disappointing season, but hopefully is back better than ever, Timmons had a great year and would be nice to see these guys great together one year. I expect Worilds, Spence to see time. Harrison may have to redo his contract to play another season. Foote, I honestly do not know, he is still capable but I would love to see a high draft choice replace him.

DB/S Ike is back, maybe for the last hurrah. Lewis needs to be resigned but may be too expensive and with only one quality season under his belt who could blame the Steelers for not over spending. Both Allens, Clark and Troy are back but need some more young talent with them. I think Troy bounces back but him and Clark are both short timers now. Saddens me.

Kicker Suisham is reliable and should be here unless beaten out by some unknown.
Punter We need a new one.
ST Coach Replace

Without looking over the next draft I can not at this time even hazard a guess who will likely make the team next year, but we need fresh blood, new backups, and we need a new ST coach. Haley and Ben both need to give and take a little next year. We cannot play so conservative, yet we cannot go to a heave it down field concept either. We need a somewhat (I said somewhat) balanced attack and either new RBs or new technique used on the OL. Bens numbers were good til the injury, then something happened. Ben Bashers think he rebelled,but I think it was a combination of things, and one of those is the other teams finally after 9 games had film on this offense and they squeezed the WR on the line and basically eliminated the long ball with a line that could not give protection. Without a decent running game our options were few and futile. There was a reason that Heath was targeted as much as he was and that is he is our most physical receiver and broke open more. I do not think we need an overhaul, just a little tweaking. The thing that scares me the most is I thought this years team ONLY needed a LITTLE tweaking after Arians left. We will see.
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