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Default Re: If not Ben, then who?

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Yeah, the Steelers could never have won anything without Ben's 20th ranked scoring offenses.

Steelers were 39-22 with Neil O'Donnell.

46-29 with Kordell Stewart.

The Steelers have shown an ability to win with any qb not named Tommy Maddox.

How much credit do the qbs deserve? How much credit does the team deserve?

Why don't you hop off Ben's jock for a minute- the man needs some air.
I noticed you didn't post the playoff achievements of O'Donnell and Stewart. I don't know why you would leave those out....

Were you in the group that wanted Bradshaw out of town back in the early 80's? Bet you were really happy when you got your wish.

Really? The Steelers have won with any QB not named Tommy Maddox? It must be really hard for you to count to zero. You sound angry that the team from the 90's didn't win anything, and then came along Ben and the Steelers won #5 in his second year.

Ben may not have been the sole reason the Steelers finally ended their super bowl drought, but he sure as well was the piece that finally got them over the hump. Brady didn't exactly light it up in all of his super bowls, and Eli Manning got MVP because he's a New York QB. Now you can choose to be butthurt about the team in the 90's not winning anything without a star QB, or you can be happy the Steelers aren't one of the teams starting journeyman QBs anymore.
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