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Default Re: Just Say No To Wallace

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
Wallace has much better stats and makes millions less then brown yet nobody says a word about him. I like Brown and Wallace together for the next 10.years but nobody can say Brown has earned that big contact yet. I think he can and I know wallace can earn his.
It's no ones fault but Wallace's for refusing to take the Steelers $10,000,000 a season offer.

Nobody says much about Brown because he tries. Wallace flat out doesn't try at times. Remember the 3rd down pass from Batch which would have kept the last drive of the game going? Wallace didn't even attempt to catch it.

I know wallace can earn his
Really? This was his contract year and he came up lame. If he doesn't try during his contract then why would he try after getting paid?
Kordell Stewart + Starting QB Spot = 0
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