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Default Re: If not Ben, then who?

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
I wasn't born when Bradshaw was "kicked out" of Pittsburgh, Grandpa.

I became a fan in '94. I didn't need the Steelers to win a superbowl to be a fan and I remained a fan for the 11 years they went without.

I watch the Steelers for what I perceived to be their blue-collar approach to football under Cowher. A huge part of being blue collar is not whining. Roethlisberger whines incessantly- I can't stand it. STFU and do your job. The rest of us would be fired in a heartbeat for criticising the boss let alone criticising the boss's company to the media.

You will never hear Ford's CFO telling media that the CEO is running the company into the ground. Ben gets paid like a CFO/CEO and I would like to see him act professionally.

All of the rookie quarterbacks drafted, starting and leading their teams to the playoffs this year are more mature than Ben. The Steelers could draft a high school phenom who skips college and plays Super Mario all day in tiger pyjamas and he would be more mature than Ben.
From your posts, I can tell there is no convincing you of Ben's merit to this organization, (I already knew that from previous posts) but all I can say if Bens career up to now has been stellar to say the least and his stats compare pretty much to any so-called great QB of the last 20 years,( I have already compared his to Elway) I have said I do not believe Ben to be a Peyton or a Brady, I do believe he has been just as instrumental in the success of the Steelers as either of those two have done for their respective teams. Video games, fantasy leagues, have ruined many fans who just do not appreciate the real NFL, it is not as easy as it appears some times. I believe that some of the hate comes from selective memory , like in your case of the Cowher years. I have been a fan since 1972, and I remember Cowhers teams having some not so good years and I remember some pretty poor QB play and Cowher did a great job of balancing defense, and a very good run game. Times have changed, the NFL has changed, Defense alone like the Ravens and TB squad had with no QB to speak of will not win SBs. Teams need good QB play, and while Ben struggled 3 of his last four, his numbers reflect that he had a great year after 9 games. He has had a great career so far. I suspect that your hate and the hate of others stem from more than just his play on the field and more on his off field exploits or his personality, and if that is the case than no one can change your mind.
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