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Default Re: Who to draft in 2013?

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Let me propose a counterpoint and/or food for thought: if those other 16 teams base their draft on BAP (as opposed to need), wouldn't Te'o be drafted in the top 10???

That's a good point, no doubt. But, look at it this way, too. How many of those teams are as fortunate as us that they actually can draft in the BPA mode? I mean, most of the 16 teams ahead of us are now forced to pick and choose specific players and holes to fill on their roster. Teams like Buffalo, New York, Kansas City, Arizona and (possibly) the Eagles have multiple holes just on their offense but most glaringly - Quarterback. I have a feeling most, if not all, of those teams will reach for a QB in the first round. Other teams have the possibility of losing multiple franchise guys and have to build for the young Quarterback they already have. Take Miami, for example. There's a good chance they'll make a play for Mike Wallace but that isn't enough. The 'Fins might have to pinpoint and target an offensive Tackle or Guard in order to give Tannehill protection. Or, they go Wide Receiver.

The only team I can see having a legitimate option and being in play for Te'o are the Saints. With Vilma's cap hit and the drama surrounding him, they might not be so keen on bringing him back. If they do decide to part ways with him and Te'o is sitting on the board, I don't see a way they don't take him. That, sadly, is a very likely scenario and one I can see playing out.

Most - if not all - of the teams ahead of us are forced to pick and choose specific positions to fill. We're in a unique situation here in that we're picking high-ish and have the ability and freedom to pick in the BPA mode. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I like being in this situation. The freedom of who to pick is nice and the ability to take a player - regardless of position or need - because of his elite skillset is something we haven't been able to do in a long while. Whoever we decide to pick (Te'o, Okafor, Van Noy or Jordan are the most likely candidates) we're fixing a hole but also taking an elite prospect.

Originally Posted by kent View Post
Isn't Bernard the highest rated rb as of now? I'd love to see him fall to us though. If a guy like Montee Ball or Bell is available in the mid rounds I think we need to take them.
He absolutely is. But, a lot of teams and scouts now aren't very keen on taking a Running Back in the first - or even second round - because it's starting to look like they're a dime a dozen, even in the later rounds. I very much doubt another team is going to make a play at him before we're able to, even in the second round. If there was a team to do so, it would be the Jets. However, I can see the next GM of the Jets taking someone like Eddie Lacy in the second round over Giovani Bernard due to the running style and scheme the Jets have in place (i.e, power run).
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