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Default The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

You know, I like Terry. He seems like a really good guy. But I have a problem.

Pittsburgh's reputation as being hard on quarterbacks is undeserved largely because of the myth that Bradshaw was run out of Pittsburgh.

Bradshaw was a "nice country boy" and a "mama's boy" in his own words. He came from a small town, and went to a small high school. Then he went to a small college, Louisiana Tech University.

Bradshaw's first taste of media and public attention did not occur until 1970 when he was drafted with the Pittsburgh Steelers' first pick. Bradshaw absolutely hated the attention and prayed to God that he would be out of Pittsburgh before he even won a superbowl with them.

Based on Bradshaw's personality and the nature of fans to criticize anything but superbowl wins, it is safe to assume that Bradshaw would have hated playing in any NFL city. By his own admission Bradshaw hated the Pittsburgh fans by the time he won a superbowl and was unaffected when he was heaped with praise.

This myth is harmful to analyzing current quarterbacks. The truth is that Pittsburgh fans are not any harder on players than any other team. The truth is that every NFL player is subject to media scrutiny and that some have a hard time handling the pressure. Are New Orleans and Miami hard on running backs? Ricky Williams might think so. Is San Diego hard on quarterbacks? Absolutely, according to Ryan Leaf.

The point is that harsh criticism is necessary in order to evaluate the Steelers subjectively. I hope we can all agree that this myth needs to be put to rest so we can fairly discuss the real cause of the Steelers' anemic offense over the last decade- Ben Roethlisberger.

Thanks for reading.

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