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Default Re: The Myth of Terry Bradshaw

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I'd say we're definitely harder on our coaches and players - more specifically Quarterbacks - than most other teams. If you're looking for proof you don't have to go any further than these very boards. We're calling for the heads of Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger - a Super Bowl winning coach and two-time winning Quarterback because of a single down season that can be excused with the amount of injuries we suffered. There are about 28 - 30 teams that would trade and cut their quarterback and head coach, respectively, if these two became available without blinking an eye.

We want greatness. We expect it. How many other teams, realistically, can say 'Super Bowl or bust' in this league right now? Sure, all teams want the Lombardi, but how many teams' fanbases expect it every year and when we don't get it, it's regarded as a disappointing season? We're a spoiled bunch here as Pittsburgh fans and I think Ben takes way more heat than Terry ever did in Pittsburgh. Granted, some of his off-field choices have been questionable and he brought a lot of that heat on himself, but a lot of it is just us being frustrated fans and expecting greatness.
Honestly, I think every team is expected to win it all every year. This is why the Raiders have a new HC every year; why the Niners had different OC for Alex Smith 4 or 5 years in a row; why I expect Jerry Jones to fire Jason Garrett or Tony Romo after this season etc.

I agree that Steelers fans are a spoiled bunch, myself included, but it is amazing to me how blind people are to Roethlisberger's innumerable faults. Seems to me the fans get a whipping boy (this year Wallace or Mendenhall) and stick to him.

Realistically, Woodley should have gotten more heat than anyone. At least we know Harrison is old coming off back/knee surgery.
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