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Default Re: If not Ben, then who?

This is far to reminiscent of other posts. Get rid of Ben, fire Tomlin. etc. I don't care who would've been our QB, our OL was devastated by injuries, Ben was lost for 3 games and TBH I don't think he was truly healthy when he came back. This season was one of those seasons where we struggled in all phases, it happens.
I have said this before, Ben is the right QB for us right now. I can remember the Steelers drafting a "stud" college QB in the first round in the early 80's .... His name was ......Mark Malone. How did that work out?
Yes, SteelersCanada, we won lots of games with O'Donnel, Stewart at QB, how many titles.....0! Ben didn't play well in the 05 SuperBowl but if it wasn't for him in the 3 games prior we wouldn't have been there, in 08 he won that game and should've been MVP.
Thge franchise QB will always get hate, That is the nature of the job,
Lot's of over reaction because we didn't win the Super Bowl! threads like this are getting too predictable and I wish the mods would quiet these down.
Also, far to many insults being thrown at each other because people disagree with each other. People need to relax,
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