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Default Re: Lovie Smith Fired - Let's Grab Him as Defensive Coordinator

I would be torn to just let LeBeau go, I mean he is the coach of a top notch unit, viewed by many experts as one of the best to coach defense. On the other hand I wonder often how much longer he is planning to stay, and to top it off Butler has been loyal to the point of refusing other offers. (I wonder what the Steelers have told Butler about the job when it comes open). I have posted that I believe the biggest shortcoming of our defense if its lack of turnovers and actual scoring plays, the Bears have excelled at both in years past. Now, in defense of LeBeaus style of defense, he may feel that we do not have the people in place to play such a defense and thus by playing more conservative we are more effective. If LeBeau wants to stay I say stay, at least until he shows he has lost control of the game.
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