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Default Re: If not Ben, then who?

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
It sure does. I respect the no-bull attitude the Steelers have taken over the years. The Steelers are a great team year in and year out because of their preparation and attention to detail. There is very little flash on the Steelers.

I watch the Steelers win or lose and appreciate that they always give an enormous effort. And since I started watching the Steelers 15 years after they won a superbowl and remained a fan for 10 years until the won the next one- I have more appreciation for how the game is played rather than focusing strictly on wins and losses.

On the other hand, you became a fan in 1976- immediately following a Steelers superbowl victory.

I am not the ultimate Steelers fan, far from it (the REAL Steelers fans are masturbating themselves to sleep while staring at the Ben Roethlisberger life-size cardboard cutout in the corner of their rooms) but I cheer for the team not individual players.

I can't stop people on this board from scapegoating the entire team to save face for Roethlisberger- but I can put everybody on the defensive and have them so wrapped up on Ben that they forget to demand Haley and Wallace and Tomlin be fired.
And if you've been a fan for that long, then you should also be aware that sometimes the Steelers get so caught up in trying to be right that it has prevented them from winning more.

Take most of the pre-2011 games against the Patriots for example. How many times did the Steelers try the same Marty ball crap? Run, run, pass, punt. How many times did they fall flat on their faces? It wasn't until they actually remembered Ben was their QB that they beat them. Now why would a team continue to employ the same failure of a strategy over and over again?
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