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Default Re: 364/575, 4,179 yards, 33 TD, 10 INT

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
I agree they need to put points up earlier but I'm sure they also want to. Brady throws short passes all game and scores a lot. He's doing the same thing we tried, he'll New England even ran more times then us. They just executed better. It's not like the Steelers went trying to score
The Patriots are better equipped for the dink-and-dunk than the Steelers are - mainly because of their two big TEs that cause huge match-up problems. If the Steelers had a better #2 TE opposite of Heath, then maybe the Steelers would be better at it. Wallace, Brown, and Sanders aren't dink-and-dunk guys, their speedsters. It makes it even harder on them when Wallace isn't being sent down field to open the other two up. These guys had dropping problems already, and getting trucked by big LBs doesn't help.

The Patriots and the Broncos both ran better than the Steelers because a) they weren't so predictable with their runs, and b) they used a lot of no-huddle. They also aren't so fixated with time of possession - so when their offense scores quickly they aren't worried about getting into a shootout.
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