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Default Re: 364/575, 4,179 yards, 33 TD, 10 INT

He was an MVP candidate until he got hurt. Not only that but he's QB'd us to 3 super bowls. Anyone who thinks we should get rid of him is a simple minded moron who can't see more than 2 weeks into the past to form a thought.

This Ben talk reminds me of listening to Mike and Mike in the morning. A team can go 14-0, but then if the team loses two in a row those two morons in the morning will start talking about how the 14-2 team shouldn't be in the playoffs.

Bottom line is that there is no way if you take Ben's complete body of work (both this year and over his career) that you should want him gone. I'm not sure that theres even a rational argument for him leaving other than he sucked after coming back from injury.
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