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Default Re: Wisenhunt fired...

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
He's still bitter that the Steelers picked the better coach over him. Let him go to Kansas City and let his career die. I never understood why everyone was so big on this guy - he obviously can't coach for shit. Starting 4-0 is great, but going 1-11 isn't.
They liked the job he did at OC. Not that I am disagreeing with you but that's why people liked Whisenhunt. Anyhow despite this year's disappointment, I still think we made the right choice. If you're going to criticize Tomlin "for winning with Cowher's players", you have to account for Whisenhunt only really winning when they had Warner there and not being able to draft or develop a heir which I think is a fair knock on him considering he made his bones as an offensive coach.
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