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Default Re: Who to draft in 2013?

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
I know we have been after a #1 safety in the draft for awhile now including myself, but the Steelers are in a world of hurt at the receiver postion going into next season if their starters are Antonio Brown and an injury prone Emanual Sanders. It's hard enough for any rookie receiver to make an impact his first year let alone we won't be playing the FA game very hard.

Any suggestions on a worthy WR pick at 17?

And if we only would have lost against the Browns I think we would be drafting with the 11th pick!
There isn't a WR worth picking in the top 20 in my opinion. This class of receivers is fairly weak, unfortunately. That being said, I wouldn't mind us taking Robert Woods in the second or Da'Rick Rogers in the third. Rogers is arguably the most talented receiver in this class, but due to character issues and maturity concerns, he's dropped off some boards. We could use this to our advantage and potentially find a number one receiver in the third round (again).

If you're looking for a number one safety, our best bet in the first round would be Kenny Vaccaro. While I'm against taking him this high due to the amount talent in the secondary in this draft, I can see how it would address a need for this team. I wouldn't mind taking someone like Amerson in the second and McDonald / Lester in the third if we go that route, though.

Teegre, I'll get back to you on your post. Just have to do some reading first on different team needs and etc.

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
I don't watch college football so I looked up Barkevious Mingo - he had 4 sacks this year was he hurt or something and missed games?

OLB is a reach in round one. I think Worilds will do the job but depth will be required.
Woodley needs to get back on track!.
Mingo had a down season for a number of reasons. The biggest one I can point to is the fact that most of the time (or, at least appeared that way) he was asked to contain and not disrupt. The best example of this I can give is the game against A&M. He was going against Luke Joeckel the entire game, and for the most part, got his ass handed to him. That being said, for the majority of the game it looked like he was asked to contain Manziel and not let him make a play outside the pocket instead of getting to him and disrupting the play.

There are two big holes in his game. The biggest and most glaring one is the fact that he's too fast. He can get to the quarterback with so much speed that sometimes, it gives the QB an open lane on his left side to run or make a play. Speedy OLBs like him can easily be handled by Tackles like Thomas from Cleveland. He also doesn't use his arms effectively enough to disengage from strong Tackles and struggles against the run.

However, all that being said, he's a freak. He's an absolute freak of nature. He's so fast and so agile that he'll be able to just run around most LT's in the NFL and make them look silly. He's a little on the tall side being 6'5, but he uses his speed and body to maneuver around Tackles and get to the Quarterback. If he learns to use his arms properly, him and Woodley are going to wreak havoc on Quarterbacks.

I disagree greatly on the fact that OLB isn't a need. In fact, it's the biggest need on this team. Worilds hasn't shown he can do anything as a WS 'Backer and needs to be replaced.

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