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Default Re: Now... for whom to root?

Hmmm let me go over these team by team.
1.) Broncos- Wouldn't kill me I guess if they won. Yes, they've given our team a hard time the past two years. But I like Peyton and I like teams that play outside.
2.) Patriots: Forget about it. I hate them.
3.) Texans: Probably the least offensive option in the AFC. Too bad they've got a good chance to be eliminated in Round 1.
4.) Ravens: See the Pats- forget about it but especially because they're a division rival.
5.) Colts: It wouldn't totally bother me. Luck's a good kid and Pagano's a nice story.
6.) Bengals: See the Ravens and Pats, no way would I root for a division rival to win the whole thing. Though Dalton-Green annoys me less than Palmer-Johnson did because they seem more likable.
So AFC: Texans
1.) Falcons: Really wouldn't bother me. Ryan's a good kid but this team always seems to choke when it matters.
2.) Niners: Do not want for the simple reason that they'd have six SB wins and the Harbaugh factor. Other than that, they really don't bother me.
3.) Packers: I don't hate or dislike them but meh.
4.) Redskins: I don't even dislike their players outside of Deangelo Hall but their fans are insufferable and acting like they're the greatest thing ever now. So yes I admit it, I rooted for the Cowboys last night simply because of that.
5.) Seahawks: I'd find it easy to root for them if their fans weren't like the Redskins insufferable but I like Russell Wilson and feel bad that he seems to be the forgotten story. No disrespect to RGIII but I think Wilson is an even better story.
6.) Vikings: Run Adrian Run. Seriously I know nothing about these guys outside of Peterson who is having a year to remember.
So NFC- Falcons
Texans-Falcons SB: I'd root for a great game but ultimately the Texans to come out on top to give the AFC some pride. Really wish our guys were in it even if as the sixth seed.
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