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Default Realistic Coaching Changes

Let's get away from some of the nonsensical coaching talk, and look at a coaching change that could be very possible...Special Teams. Our ST players ranked first in the league for bed shitting, IMO.

Almost every good kick or punt return this year was negated by a stupid penalty...moronic shit, that half the time wasn't even near the ball carrier. We constantly allowed opposing teams to run it back on us, setting up short fields. We also repeatedly got gouged by High School playbook fake punts, fake kicks, and whatever other silly shit coaches decided to roll out on us.

I know Amos had this dropped in his lap with little warning, but does it really take that long to discipline the 3 guys who held on almost every single punt return? So, how do you feel about the ST coaching, and if you'd make a change, who would you want to get the job?
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