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Default Re: Now... for whom to root?

Broncos- I would love to see Peyton get another one, I love the Manning bros
Patriots- My best friend is a Pats fan, so nooooooooooo thank you
Texans- Bleh. To bland.
Ravens- I wouldn't really care actually if it wasn't for that punk Harbaugh
Colts- Seeing Pagano win would be nice, but Arians? Iffy here.
Bengals- I like AJ Green and Dalton, so actually I would like them to win.

Falcons- Bleh. Also bland.
49ers- Other Harbaugh can suck it to.
Packers- Hell no! I despise them, and not just because of SB45... which I still am bitter over.
Redskins- YES. Alfred Morris and RG3 are my fav non Steelers.
Seahawks- I like their players, but not their fans. Don't care.
Vikings- Also yes. Go Big Pete!
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