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Default Re: Tomlin and Ben are killing the franchise

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Don't fully understand the hate, but that is your cross to bear. I just like to refute yours and others "facts", such as the overpaid part. You are correct that two wrongs do not make a right but teams will pay the value of the players based on the league and from what i just showed is that Ben is indeed a "bargain " at where he is being paid. I compare Elways play to Ben through first 9 seasons and it shows that Ben is far superior, with years to come that no one knows the outcome. Does Ben slide, or does he get better with age as Elway did. It remains to be seen. You and others like to point out our defense, and while near or at the top for some time, it is not the first time in franchise history. Before Ben was QB how did all those great defenses fair come playoff time. Loss after loss piled up in the AFCCG and the one lone time the Steelers made it to the SB was when we had a QB that had a very good season as far as passing, O'donnell. I like to see our recent successes as a partnership between both the Defense and the Offense, as well as Coaching staff, and Special teams. In other words the entire team, now if others on here tout Ben to the point it has created a hatred toward him then I can understand, but to put the blame on every season that does not end with a SB on Ben is wrong as well.
There's no hate whatsoever. I'm just not in awe like some Forum members are.
Ben is a pretty good QB, but IMO, he's not elite and his numbers tend to prove it.
After 8 seasons, I think Ben doesn't have what Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers have and what Bradshaw had, neither technically, nor mentally.
I'm talking about pure talent, work ethic and attitude on and off the field.

I'll be the first to eat crow if it happens but I'm not confident he'll lead the Steelers to a 7th Superbowl, and much less with the HC and OC we have now.

Sorry but that's my opinion.
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