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Default Re: Black Monday reactions

You didn't need to be a fortune-teller to see Reid, Chan Bailey, Norv Turner and Romeo Crennel were going to get canned. Reid and Crennel in particular have taken half decent squads and made them look awful (except when they played us!). Bailey had shown flashes, but was saddled with some poor draft choices and a tough division, but had underperformed. Turner I think is paying the price for a talented squad perrenially underperforming in a weak dvision. Seeing the Broncos walk that division must have stung the Chargers ownership a bit.

Whiz got stiffed because he's buggered up the QB position at Phoenix and with the GM canned there too, I guess Bidwill felt that they'd cocked up between them. Feel a bit for him though, he was their best coach for 30 years in terms of wins.

I'm a bit surprised that The Clowns canned Shurmur, they've drafted quite well under him and are a better side now than they were when Crennel left - another decent draft focussing on offense and the Browns might be an outside bet challenger. Still, it's the Clowns, so no surprises there. Lovie Smith had a so-so record, and was straddled with some deeply odd drafting decisions, as well as his failure to reach enough post-seasons, though I still think the Bears were premature - He'll get snapped up somewhere else.

I expect Mularkey to be gone from the Jags shortly, though nothing woud surprise me with that organisation, and am surprised Munchak at Tennessee, Allen at the Raiders and Rivera at Carolina have all survived (so far).
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