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Default Re: Now... for whom to root?

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Think so?

Yeah, real "classy" bunch. Not to mention the terminal case of PMS they've been suffering from for the last 7 years. Personally, I hope they get bounced in the first game.
Eh, every fanbase has D-bags.

The problem with Seattle fans are that they haven't won anything since 1979 and that team was stolen (the Sonics) from them.

The M's are a West-coast version of the Pirates (right down to the inept ownership), the MLS Sounders can't 'get over the hump' and the once-proud UW program has been reduced to mediocrity (at best).

Their last meaningful championships were UW in 90/91 (a tie for #1, I believe) and the WBNA...

Then factor in the general depressing effects of rain and overcast skies and it makes for a volatile situation.

Seattle fans are among the most intelligent, passionate and, despite being little bitches about losing XL to the Steelers, are genearlly a good bunch.
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