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Default Re: Lovie Smith Fired - Let's Grab Him as Defensive Coordinator

Where am I calling for his head? I realize I worded my original post poorly, but he's made his intentions clear on coming back - for better or worse. I just feel his defense, as statistically dominate as it was, needs to be updated and upgraded. Making Rivers look like Brady was unacceptable. Why do we play 7 yards off the receiver and concede the short gains? Why don't we attack and play an aggressive defense and occasionally give up the big play if it means more turnovers and sacks?

My biggest issue with this defense is LeBeau's inability to use Timmons effectively. When he's used effectively, he gets sacks. He can't be stopped when he blitzes and constantly disrupts the line. This can be credited to Foote being old and incapable of covering, but if that's the case, why is he on this team?

People have figured out this defense and it's starting to show. The fact we gave up 300+ to Tony Romo - regardless of whether Ike was in or not - is a problem. Our entire defense can't be built around a Safety passed his prime anymore. Adjustments need to be made and this defense needs to be updated and upgraded. We have the talent, we're just not using effectively.

I wouldn't be upset if he came back. I also wouldn't be upset if we brought in Lovie Smith to help this defense become a more cohesive unit that can create turnovers and get sacks. The fact that we're incapable of doing this with the talent we have is inexcusable. That doesn't fall on Tomlin, that falls directly on LeBeau. What if next year isn't any different? Does anything change then?
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