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Default Re: 364/575, 4,179 yards, 33 TD, 10 INT

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post

I don't care what a qb does individually. Stat that matters for qbs is how much the team scores. Period.

Steelers had the 21st scoring offense in the league. Sure Haley is calling amazing plays to boost Roethlisberger's stats but Ben needs to put some points on the board!!!
If I could Thank this twice, I would. This might be long, but it is my end of the year rant, if you will.

The issue with the Steelers going into next season is they are unlikely to find a better QB. Pure and simple. So, unless we got lucky getting a rookie QB who turns into Russell Wilson in training camp, Ben is going to be under center next year. Ben is what he is and he doesn't have any goal of adjusting or changing or anything to get better. He wants to be the same and do the same crap every year, every game.

So, with that, expect the typical 10-10 games to all the teams through out the year going into the last 5 min of a game, whether it being the Raiders or Ravens and the Steelers will hope for one little play here or there to determine the W/L.

Ben is too busy bitching and whining about play calls and coaches, all the while I watched one of the best called games with a 38 year old QB in Charlie Batch in the last Ravens game.

Blaming play calling and ASSISTANT coaches for your teams mishaps is a loser excuse, loser mentality and therefore you LOSE in the end when it matters. All the slaps in this forum killed Bruce Arians the last few years about his play calling, attitude, whatever, however, he is coach of the year with a rookie QB and brand new players to an Indy team that completely rebuilt their team in 6 months, and had to deal with their head coach almost dying from cancer.

I thought Devin Hester said it best today, when he found out Lovie Smith got fired, he called out the "Fake fans are happy now", and this from a 10-6 team. The point is, fans have selfish reasons to hate instead of paying attention and using common sense. If Arians was the issue all these years, why did Ben do the same (bleep) crap this year with Todd Haley? Why is Arians successful with a 5 month old QB and not a SB winning QB? Sometimes, you need to wake up and stop playing the high school girl trying to rationalize why another girl is a bitch when she isn't. The root of the problem is usually who you brain tells you but you ignore it to justify some personal likely to the other.

I will be honest, I really have never liked Big Ben, deep down. I am naturally observant to certain personalities. You can learn a lot about someone on how they speak. And it has nothing to do with being mean to the media, or being coy or being boystrous. He has a prissy, cliche, doucheness about him. Tomlin is another guy who's interview make me run to the bathroom, except he does it in a different way. He uses big words with all these one liners. Problem with that is, when you are trying to sound like something that you aren't, it makes you look stupid. At least with Belichick, that is who he is, he is mono-toned, I ain't telling you jack crap and that's the way it is whether he is sleeping, awake or whatever.

My hope for next year, is the Steelers get a healthy back up QB, preferably someone who doesnt shatter after 2 quarters who can come in and win 3 or 4 games during the year. Because Ben is just going to get worse physically the more and more he allows himself to get hit. Shit, even to the pathetic Cleveland team, he still sat back there for 45 min and took sacks.

We will see with Tomlin, where he needs to improve. Little more game planning and less standard talk. We get it, everyone is a pro, no need to through zingers every 2 min in an interview.

My other hope is getting rid of two cancers off the team. And replace them with leaders. As much as it may pain most of you, Ben has NEVER been the leader of the Steelers, ever. The only leaders this team has had are all retired, Farrior, Bettis and Hines. This team does not have that leader right now. We have bitches like Wallace and mental migits likes Mendenhall who speak for the Steelers. Not a good combo. Call me superstitious, call me religious, but I may not know 100% if there is a God, but i damn well believe 100% that there are jinxed people out there. Is it any coincidence that when Wallace started playing like a dickweed, the cancer spread to Brown, Sanders, all these guys who are so reliable. Mendy and his fumbling and bullshit, hit the other RBs at the worst times.

Steelers do not have to fix much, but they need to make the right tweaks and hopefully get an instant game changer with pick 17.
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