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Default Re: Tomlin and Ben are killing the franchise

Some of you keep talking about the Denver game, and how we lost to Tebow,ect. Ben was playing with a high ankle sprain. I went to MED MD's web site before the game to try to understand what a high ankle sprain actually was. Ben missed 2 games with his before returning to play Denver. The doctors who wrote papers about the injury for the web site, said that NO ONE should return from the injury for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks. It's almost like having a broken lower leg. But Ben carried his self out there in Denver's freezing weather, and gave it his all while scrammbling for his life on most plays.

His rib injury was, as someone else stated; one of the most rare injuries that one can sustain, and it IS LIFE THREATENING! We all might think we know what the players feel like, but look at what many of the older players are going through now. Brain injuries, and some can hardly get out of bed each day. Ben has played hurt so many times I can't count them all. Brady, Manning, or Rodgers could not play behind some of the make shift lines that Ben has played behind.

The Patriots have lost both SB's to the Giants because Brady was pressured most of the day. Peyton looses games when he is pressured badly. I'm not saying that Ben doesn't hold onto the ball too long SOMETIMES; but many times he's running for his life before he even has time to set. He is a unique QB.

Many times I find myself wishing he was more fundamental, but to say he's not been a big part in bringing the Lombardi back to steel town is pure crap. He is THE toughest QB in the league, and probably the only one who could have played during any NFL era. I'm saddened as many of you are, that we won't be in the post season, but the Steelers are still the greatest team in pro football, and we'll be back just like Arnold was.
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