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Default Re: Tomlin and Ben are killing the franchise

It is not fair to compare Ben to TB, not fair to Terry anyway. Terry threw as many INTs as TD for his career. The 1978 season the team went 14-2 and TB had 28 TDs and 20 INTs, you would be crazy if you did not believe that defense did'nt cover up a lot of the QB play. Different eras, different NFL. and different teams. Compared to the rest of the NFL at that time the Steelers were head and shoulders above nearly every team. Not from TB alone, but from the entire team, RB, WR, OL, Defense. That team won close games but played some very low scoring games as well, 15-9, 7-6, 7-10, 13-3. It was not all smooth sailing. I watched four SBs and chewed my nails every one. We had some years were TB was hurt and the defense took over games. No Ben is not Peyton, Brees, Brady, Rodgers, or TB but he is pretty damn good. Not drinking kool-aid just enough common sense to know that the odds of getting someone better than Ben is on the slim side.
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