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Default Re: Is wrong That I hate the Cheats more than the Rats

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
Yes, they got fined for having an employee at Metlife taping a Jets practice.
Let me repeat that.

They were fined and penalized for having an employee taping a Jets practice. Patriots Employee. Jets Practice. Video camera.

They were not fined for cheating, or rigging three Superbowls, or rigging three entire seasons of A-grade football. If was used as a weapon by NY based media to drop the Patriots down a peg, and by overblowing the story, they turned a simple NFL rule infraction (let me repeat, NFL rule infraction, not NFL GAME rules) into some fantasy where all the Patriots Superbowls are tainted because the Patriots had secret insight into every play being called, every game, and called some rock-beats-scissors counter-play for it.

All teams were warned by the NFL the year before "Spygate" because all teams were doing it. Both Jimmy Johnson and Pittsburgh's own Bill Cowher have validated this.

The Patriots weren't taping the Jets because it helped the win games.

The Patriots were taping the Jets because Belichick is a master troll.
Here is the thing though. If all teams were warned, and if it was not a big deal, then answer me this, "Why continue to do so at the expense of getting caught?" Until you or any other Patriot fan convince me otherwise this little bit of common sense will always be the one question that I will think of.
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