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Default Re: Is wrong That I hate the Cheats more than the Rats

I still can't answer this even after these two teams played in the AFC championship last year. Now, I admit, I probably do hate the Ravens slightly less in part because I do root for the Orioles in baseball. But Harbaugh really grates the crap out of me and while I recognize he's an all time great linebacker, I just wish someone would tell Ray Lewis to stop acting like a drama queen. On the other hand, it's hard not to hate a team that denied you not one but two trips to the Super Bowl. And most of the Pats fans I know with some exceptions are band-wagoners with no affiliation whatsoever with the New England area. They just liked the flashy offense that Brady and Belichick started developing in the mid 2000's and would have probably been bored watching the Pats teams that actually won SBs. Of course, Ravens fans can be just as annoying, I don't need you to shout shit at me just for wearing Pittsburgh gear on a Maryland beach. So I guess I'm undecided. I was happy when Lee Evans had the ball snatched out of him and I compared Billy Cundiff to Ray Finkle after he missed the FG but I got an equal joy at the Giants ruining the Pats chances again. The Ravens hatred is more based in the rivalry. I think if they weren't a division rival, I could respect them some. Pats aren't a division rival and I hate them. So I guess using that metric, it's probably the Pats but it's close. And of course Spygate plays a role here too.
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