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Originally Posted by NSMaster56 View Post


You're right about the style difference, but that doesn't explain the fact that each new OC O stayed in line with their previous year(s) scoring.

They're two different 'arguments'.

The Steelers O is questionable, but it doesn't appear to be strictly the fault of the OC.

EDIT: Though this is not to say it's only the fault of Big Ben. Clearly the OL and lack of #1 RB is a HUGE factor.
Actually, yes it does. Under Arians the Steelers actually were able to move the ball down field. The problem was Arians was not good in the red zone. This year, the offense did not give themselves enough opportunities to get into the red zone because they were more concerned with ball-control. They figured it's better to possess for a while and punt rather than score quickly and risk sending a tired defense back onto the field.
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