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Default Re: Lovie Smith Fired - Let's Grab Him as Defensive Coordinator

I remember how everyone thought once Tomlin was hired we would be switching from the 3-4 to the 4-3. Ironically we are better suited now with the current personel than we were then.
Lebeau should not be going anywhere. He does what a great coach does, adjusts to his teams strengths. His version of the zone blitz thrived with great LB play. Harrison and Woodley were non factors this year. Foote played well but has lost a step. Timmons is the only one who played above the line this year........finally. Instead of constantly doing the same thing Lebeau adjusted and still had the top D. You want more turnovers? Get Woodley to report to camp lighter next year and give him another pass rusher. Sacks and QB hurries will help produce strip sacks and INT's.
I'm not sure how Lebeau isn't aggressive. Some of you make it sound like 90 % of the ddfensive snaps were with a 10 yard cushion from the db's. Truth of the matter is 60 % probably weren't. Lebeau is still the best defensive mind in the game.
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